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The Best Spring Hair Cut for Your Hair Type

Source: @thehairdressingyogi on Instagram We’re so excited for spring—between the spring cleaning, fresh hair cuts (and hair colors!) and, of course—the tulips—we couldn’t be more thrilled to have a new season upon us. In honor of what’s blooming ahead, we sat down with Alia, a Master Stylist and Cutting Educator here at Tulip for 7… Read more »


Vomor Hair Extensions

It’s a beauty secret that’s not really a secret anymore: Hollywood stars known for their long, luxurious locks actually wear hair extensions more often than not. And who can blame them? Between color processing and heat styling, their hair takes a beating. Celebrities: they’re just like us! But unlike us, they have access to top-notch… Read more »


A Collection of Little Moments

It’s finally here – the day you’ve spent months planning for and years dreaming of. The rest of your life begins with a single step down the aisle, and when you take that step, all eyes are on you. We would be honored to be given the opportunity to play some small part in your… Read more »