A Collection of Little Moments

It’s finally here – the day you’ve spent months planning for and years dreaming of. The rest of your life begins with a single step down the aisle, and when you take that step, all eyes are on you. We would be honored to be given the opportunity to play some small part in your most special day. Every bride deserves to look as radiant as she feels – our wedding packages coupled with your beauty can do just that.

Not-So-Risky-Business: Bride’s Trial Run Package

Gambling is for Vegas, not your wedding day. Put your mind at ease and take several bridal looks for a test drive before saying “I do” to the one. Perfect for the prepared bride-to-be, this package features hair design, Aveda makeup application and an hour-long Elemental NatureSM facial(60 whole minutes to yourself this close to your wedding is about as rare as a raindrop in the Sahara – trust us). $175.

Relax Today, Relaxed Tomorrow: Bride’s “Day Before” Package

The day before your wedding is a lot to process – it’s the last time you’ll be unmarried, after all. Before heading to your rehearsal dinner, give your mind time to take everything in as you indulge in a manicure, pedicure, eyebrow clean-up and gloss treatment. You’ll wake up on your big day glowing and feeling refreshed. $148.

But First, A Moment Alone: Bride’s Wedding Day Package

You are about to dive headfirst into the most memorable day of your life. Before taking that leap, give yourself a couple of hours to just be. You handle the deep breathing and quiet reflection, and we’ll handle your hair and makeup. $132.

For Always Being There: Bridesmaid Package

A bride can never fully repay her bridesmaids for all of their support, but treating them to a makeup application and an updo is a good place to start. $120.

For A Lifetime Of Love: Groom’s Day Package

The image of your groom’s face at the end of the aisle is one you’ll carry in your heart always – make sure it’s a good one. This luxurious facial, manicure, and hair cut will give your beloved a chance to unwind before joining you in the journey of your forever together. $125.