The Best Spring Hair Cut for Your Hair Type

Spring Hair

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We’re so excited for spring—between the spring cleaning, fresh hair cuts (and hair colors!) and, of course—the tulips—we couldn’t be more thrilled to have a new season upon us. In honor of what’s blooming ahead, we sat down with Alia, a Master Stylist and Cutting Educator here at Tulip for 7 years and counting, to get all of the inside scoop on what’s trending—and the products she’s constantly reaching for—all based around your unique hair type.


When it comes to a new spring cut, Alia has been noticing a lot of texture—think soft, beachy waves and playful accents (like a lob with a soft bang).

To achieve an updated look while still enhancing your natural hair type, here are her cut recommendations:

For finer hair, she suggests adding soft layers to just the ends of the hair to add just the right amount of volume.

For medium to fine hair, a face-framing cut is a simple, but effective way to bring shape to your face. For the bold, soft fringe is always a fun update, too.

For thicker, curlier hair—an easy way to keep your mane in check is to thin out (or taper) the ends of your hair.


A little sunshine 🌞 on this chilly day.

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Like hair styles, some products work better on different types of hair. Luckily, Alia has rounded up her favorites for you:

For finer hair, Aveda Thickening Tonic creates bulk to the hair, without the heavy weight. Bonus: use it while you blow dry for a lived-in, texured look.

For medium to thicker hair, Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Treatment adds a healthy shine, while adding a playful, natural curl.

For coarse, wirey hair—Aveda Universal Styling Creme is your go-to. It softens hair to give it life, add movement and bring moisture to dull, winter hair.


When it comes to a customized cut, only one rule applies—your face shape. She says to think of hair cutting like architecture. Essentially, faces are shapes, and once you’ve figured out what shape yours is, your stylist can give you the style you want and love—tailor-made to your unique features.

To learn more about what style is best for your face shape or make an appointment for your next spring cut, give us a call at the salon at (540) 785-4004.