Vomor Hair Extensions

It’s a beauty secret that’s not really a secret anymore: Hollywood stars known for their long, luxurious locks actually wear hair extensions more often than not. And who can blame them? Between color processing and heat styling, their hair takes a beating. Celebrities: they’re just like us! But unlike us, they have access to top-notch styling teams and unlimited beauty budgets–both of which are necessary to achieve perfectly blended, beautiful hair extensions, right?

Um, not quite. Uncomfortable, expensive and inexpertly matched extensions may have been the norm for mere mortals in the past. But the VoMor hair extension system is a real game-changer. Whether you crave length, volume, thickness or color, it delivers the hair of your dreams–quickly, comfortably and without breaking the bank. Here’s how it works.

What is VoMor?

If you got hair extensions prior to 2014, when VoMor was launched, you may have dealt with itchy braid-ins, damaging fusions or all-too-obvious microbeads. VoMor is totally different. These flexible, 12 or 16-inch tape-in extensions lay flat against your scalp, so they’re much more comfortable than extensions of the past, as well as quick and easy to install. They don’t damage hair, and they come in 30 shades designed to match with Aveda color. So you’ll be sure to find your perfect set. Made of all-natural, ethically-sourced human hair, they can be washed and styled just like your own hair–because once they’re installed, they are your hair.

The process

Ever have the spur-of-the-moment urge to change up your ’do? VoMor hair extensions were made for those moments–because unlike other hair extensions, you don’t have to preorder weeks in advance. That means VoMor extensions are a great add-on to your hair service. After a consultation, when you and your stylist discuss your desired outcome, your hair will be washed and dried. The stylist installs the extensions in various patterns, depending on whether you’re going for length, volume, thickness or color. It only takes 20 to 40 minutes to install the hair, and the process doesn’t hurt at all. After the extensions are placed, your stylist will cut your hair, blending it seamlessly with the extensions for a totally natural look.

Maintaining your new hair

You’ll receive a special VoMor loop brush when you get your extensions. Comb them out prior to shampooing. You may find that with thicker hair, you can go longer in between shampoos. Just be gentle with your new hair. Pat dry, use medium heat when blow-drying and make sure to keep oil-based products and conditioners away from the roots, as they may weaken the bond. As your hair grows, the extension will gradually move away from your scalp. After six to eight weeks, your stylist can remove the extensions and re-install them two more times. At that point, it may be time for another box, or you may decide to return to your own au naturel look. The best part? VoMor extensions don’t damage hair, so whatever choice you make won’t be influenced by the fear of ruined post-extension hair. Plus, your hair will be a little longer than it was when you got the extensions, bonus length!

If you’d like to learn more, come in for a consultation and check out the special we’re running on VoMor hair extensions. Hollywood hair has never been so attainable.