Good food, great people and even better hair. Sleigh at every holiday event with Tulip Salon & Spa.

As the anticipation builds to see those you haven’t seen in months–maybe even years–there’s no better time to refresh your style. Every holiday event is an occasion to not only look your best but also feel it while you’re catching up with those you missed most. 

At Tulip Salon & Spa, we understand that getting your locks in perfect condition is just one piece of the puzzle in feeling holiday-ready. But we’re here to make it easy and check off “hair” on your holiday prep list before we’re booked up. Here are three events where you can confidently strut your new do. 

The OG Family Gathering 

Whether it’s a whirlwind of holiday prep or a sit by the fireplace and relax type of vibe, seeing your family calls for celebration (friend-families count, too). A fresh look not only boosts your confidence but also shows the effort you’ve put into making family moments feel special. Whether you’re sharing stories around the dinner table, kneeling by the tree for a photo or exchanging thoughtful gifts, having your hair on point adds that extra bit of polish to your holiday experience…and the photos that will be around for years to come. 

Catching Up with Hometown Friends

Seeing your high school buddies during the holidays always brings excitement–whether you’re reflecting on the good old days or catching up on life’s latest adventures. As you have your yearly night out or coffee shop gathering, you want to feel confident that you’ll be loving those post-meet-up Instagram posts that pop up on your feed. Having a fresh hairstyle is the best way to ensure that you leave a dazzling impression–both on hour-old pals and their followers. 

Spreading Cheer at Holiday Markets

Become a part of the magical experience that is a Holiday market when you feel as good as you look. From admiring handcrafted ornaments to sipping on mulled wine, having a stylish ’do can help you embody that cozy-yet-fabulous holiday spirit. Look your best when you grab your hometown besties to ooh and aah at the LED-light display and take the cutest selfies with your fresh color and/or cut. 

Get Holiday-Ready, Before It’s Too Late!

The most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest at Tulip Salon & Spa, so make sure to get on your favorite stylist’s book before it’s full for the season. Plan around the dates you already know–holiday trips, work parties, Friendsgiving, etc–and don’t miss the chance to make all these moments even more memorable…and look amazing in all the photos. Book now for your holiday hair here.