Vacation Necessities for Sun, Sand & Surf

Happy Summer!

‘Tis the season for using up those vacation days while the weather is still warm and perfect for relaxing. Whether you’re headed to the beach, relaxing poolside, or exploring the streets of somewhere new, here are some vacation necessities to toss in the suitcase while packing for your holiday.

Headed for Sun, Sand & Surf?

As much as we all love that sunny, beachy vacation look, we all know that sun, sand and salt can do a number on your hair. If you don’t feel like paying the price for your vacation long after the tan has faded, the best thing is to prevent the damage from happening in the first place.

Enter: Aveda’s trio of Sun Care products for your hair.

Source: Aveda

After you’re styled and before you step into the sun, mist your hair with Protective Hair Veil, which works like a light, waterproof sunscreen for your hair and lasts over 16 hours.

When you’re back inside and taking that post-sun, pre-dinner shower, the Hair and Body Cleanser are perfect to wash away salt, chlorine, sunscreen and product build-up from your hair and your skin.

Take an extra three minutes in the shower and follow that up by smoothing on some After-Sun Hair Masque to restore, strengthen, moisturize, condition and protect against free-radicals—very handy if you’ll be right back in the sun the next day.

Strolling Around a New Town?

Daily Light Guard

Source: aveda

When you’re on vacation, sure, you can get a little bit of a tan, but the days are gone when looking like a leather handbag seemed like a good idea. Thankfully (and at long last), we’re at the point where everyone knows that you have to use sunscreen every day, even if it’s a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

On vacation, when you’re spending a lot more time out and about in direct sun, you’ll need something more protective, like Daily Light Guard™ Defense Fluid. Not only does this stuff have SPF30 for the sun, it also moisturizes and protects against the effects of environmental pollution. And if you deal with acne-prone skin, it won’t make you breakout like a lot of sunscreens do.

Remember: when applying protection, don’t neglect your neck and décolleté. The skin here is just as sensitive as the skin on your face, and deserves the same care.

No Matter Where You’re Going

As far as universal go-to products for travelling, there are a couple of mainstays, no matter where you’re going or how you get there.

#1: Aveda Lip Saver™

Aveda Lip Saver

Source: aveda

Travelling by plane? We all know how one bad flight can leave your lips chapped.

This light, non-petroleum stick is full of pure soothing, botanical hydration. Many of us refuse to leave our homes without it, let alone the state.

#2: Shampure™ Dry Shampoo


Source: aveda

Let’s face it, sometimes when we’re travelling we don’t always have the time or the facilities to wash our hair as often as we do at home. Whenever you’re stuck in a bind and need a style refresh, puff some Shampure™ Dry Shampoo on and instantly you’re de-greased and refreshed, with a little extra oomph and volume to your hair. There’s a reason this stuff has been out less than a year and is already nearing cult favorite status.

Bonus: unlike other dry shampoos, it’s a micro-fine powder in a non-pressurized container, so you don’t have to worry about it leaking all over your clothes or blowing up in your suitcase.


#3: Color Conserve™

Color Conserve

Source: aveda

Another factor you encounter on the road: all kinds of water conditions that can cause mineral buildup or strip the color right out of your hair. Rather than suffering through the dull-drums until you can get home and see your colorist, be sure to bring along your Color Conserve™ shampoo, conditioner and daily hair protect to ensure that your hair color lasts longer than your vacation does.

Now, if only picking your destination were as easy as picking the products…

Bon Voyage!