3 Unexpected Fall Hair Color Ideas

We crave change when the leaves begin to turn. The warm, toasty colors of fall inspire us to think red, copper, burnt orange and buttery yellow—especially when it comes to hair color. But this year, we’re seeing more of our guests breaking away from the traditional seasonal colors and going in different, yet exciting directions.

If you’re thinking you want to go do something different with your normal fall hair transformation here’s three ideas fresh from our chairs to inspire you to try something new. After all, transformation means “dramatic change.”


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This year, Aveda released its Full Spectrum Vibrants color line, which is bursting with eccentric “look-at-me” shades from all areas of the color wheel. These bold colors are great for adding a pop of intrigue to your normal hue or you can go all out and saturate your hair in full color. We love choosing a few colors, creating a theme palette and adding that to the base color for a pretty kaleidoscopic effect.


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Do you see that whisper of lilac in her hair? Our blonde guests have been requesting subtle, yet intriguing flicks of color to update their look. Blonde is perfect for teasing soft shades of pink, purple, blue and silver without compromising the color as a whole. If you’re blonde but want something just a little different and interesting, consider adding a hint of unconventional color and prepare to take in all the compliments.


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Humble brag time: our stylists are masters in red hair. Just take a look at our Instagram and you’ll see. We love creating everything from bright oranges, to brick reds to deep vino shades. Lately, we’ve been seeing our brunettes opting for washes of burgundy, mahogany and deep purples to give their rich color a burst of life. If you’re normal brunette balayage is feeling a little too “done,” try adding a deep red to the mix and see how much fun you have.

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