3 Halloween Costume Ideas Based on Your Hair

Can you believe it’s already Fall? With our busy schedules and that thing they call “adulting,” it’s easy to get sidetracked and miss one of our favorite holidays of the year—Halloween! If you find yourself being invited to last minute festivities, or you simply haven’t had the time to think about your costume, let your hair be your inspiration. Here are three general ideas you can use based on your hair.


Do you have a sassy bob or cute mid-length cut? Rock some space buns, glitter and shiny/metallic accessories for an adorable alien look that’s out of this world. For the space buns, create a half-up-half down effect by making two separate buns on each side of the crown of your head. You can make them as messy or neat as you want. To hold in place while you party all night long, finish with Aveda’s Control Force hairspray.


For the damsels with long flowing hair, grab a pretty dress and crown yourself with braids to become a beautiful princess. This look is going to need some texture for grip, so begin by spritzing Aveda’s Texture Tonic throughout your hair for that effortless, romantic look. Curl the ends of your hair, part it the way you like and create a braid following the part all around your head adding hair from the top into the braid (like a French braid). When the braid is at the end, tie it off with an elastic, lay the tail right behind where you originally started the braid and pin it with a bobby pin. If your hair is long enough to go around twice, twist it into a pretty rose shape in the back.


Short haired divas can play with the shapes and textures of their cuts to create a spunky effect that’s perfect for a pixie. Add some wings, a cute outfit and play with your makeup to channel your inner Tinker Bell. Use Aveda’s Control Paste for piecey, messy texture with pliable hold. Don’t forget the pixie dust!

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