Look Amazing and Save Time: 3 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Can you believe it’s almost time for school? Your morning can set the tone for the rest of your day. You have responsibilities, deadlines, meetings, traffic to sit in, Ubers to catch—and somehow you want to find the time to look your best. Here are three great Aveda products to help speed up your morning and get you out the door looking amazing.


Leave home looking rested and rejuvenated, even if you pulled an all-nighter (we won’t tell). Tulasara Renew Morning Creme creates an instant radiant glow with naturally derived luminizers like licorice root and molasses which help reduce dark spots and even the look of skin tone. Antioxidants derived from rice bran, vitamin E and ginger strengthen the skin’s defense against environmental aggressors so you can take on the day looking glowy and fresh.


Some mornings, putting more than 5 minutes into our hair is just not going to happen. For days like this, there is Texture Tonic. Salt and sugar work together to create effortless texture and flexible hold, leaving the hair touchable and infused with natural shine. PRO TIP: Put your hair in a bun the night before and spritz with Texture Tonic. The next morning, take out your bun and use the spray again to redefine your natural waves. Viola! You’ve created natural, effortless waves in seconds.

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Hey it happens. If you need to stretch out your style just a little longer to save you time, Shampure Dry Shampoo is your best friend. It absorbs excess oils and impurities leaving your hair looking clean and full of body. It also calms the senses with the iconic Aveda aroma made from 25 plant and flower essences. This comes in a handy travel size so you can bring it with you for a moment of zen and to revive your hair after the gym or before you go out for the evening.