The Two Products You Need To Get Your Skin Summer-Ready

When the heat turns up, there are a few minor tweaks to all of our routines that need to be set in place—skincare included. Ahead, we’ve narrowed it down to two coveted favorites to keep your skin living its very best life. (In other words, be sure to stash these in your toiletry bag, stat.)



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Between the accidental sunburn, unavoidable sweat and everything else the sunny season brings, let yourself relax with a hydrating masque, like Aveda Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Masque. Formulated with calming rosewater, this self-care staple soothes, cools and moisturizes to leave skin soft, smooth and unmistakably glowy.



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You hear this every summer, but it really should be all year round. Wearing SPF on your face (and everywhere else) reduces your risk of skin cancer, the appearance of red veins, blotchiness and wrinkles, and of course, sun spots and other discolorations. This is why we reach for Aveda Daily Light Guard every single day—it’s a non-chemical, 100% mineral-derived sunscreen that won’t clog your pores and carries a broad spectrum of SPF 30. (We use this as our final step in our morning skin care ritual for optimal results.)

Let’s make this summer one filled with self-care and healthy habits—because when you feel good about yourself, you’ll never stop glowing.