Winterizing Your Skincare Routine with Aveda

Is there anything more beautiful than the transition from summer to fall and winter in Fredericksburg? The leaves change colors, the air gets crisp and dry, and we can finally pull out those cozy sweaters from the depths of our closet. And just as a change in weather means changing up your wardrobe, it also should bring about a change in your beauty regimen. The good news is that Aveda has products for every season and every skin type—so you can stay with the brand you love and trust all year round. Read on for our tips for transitioning your skin care routine from summer to winter.


As the temperatures drop, it’s important to keep your skin extra moisturized—otherwise, it can start to dry out and even flake. You might notice in winter months that the moisturizer you have been using during spring and summer is no longer cutting it (or perhaps that you need to apply it more throughout the day). Thankfully, Aveda offers plenty of moisturizing options that are rich enough to keep even the driest skin feeling silky soft all winter long.

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You already know and love Aveda’s Tulasāra skin care line, which helps accelerate the skin’s natural ability to restore itself. Just in time for cooler temps, Aveda’s made a few additions to the line that will help you keep your skin glowing.


You know that feeling when you wake up early and get to a yoga class, and you feel refreshed, energized and ready to face your day? Aveda’s new Tulasāra Renew Morning Crème captures that feeling for your skin (its nickname is “yoga in a jar” for good reason). It moisturizes the skin and leaves it glowing and ready for the day, even in the coldest months. It also instantly brightens, smooths out fine lines, and strengthens the skin’s defenses against cold, dry air. Over time, you’ll notice diminished dark spots and firmer, more moisturized skin.

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After a long, cold day, your skin needs some serious TLC—and Aveda’s Wedding Masque Overnight delivers, luxuriously. This masque gets its name from the Haldi ceremony from India, a pre-wedding tradition in which turmeric paste is put on the bride to promote glowing skin. Inspired by this ceremony, Aveda created an ultra-rich creme masque that seals in moisture and supports the skin’s natural nighttime repair processes. The best part? While it’s rich enough to intensely moisturize skin, it doesn’t clog your pores—meaning even people with sensitive or problem skin can enjoy the benefits.

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Moisturize your lips! It’s easy to focus on your face and forget about them, but no one wants to feel that chapped lip feeling that sneaks up during dry months. Be pre-emptive when it comes to your lip care and carry Aveda’s Lip Saver with you throughout the day. This smoothing, nourishing balm is made of naturally derived waxes and winter-y oils such as cinnamon leaf and clove—making it an absolute treat to apply (over and over again, if you’re anything like us). Yum!

In addition to stepping up your topical moisturizing game this winter, remember to stay hydrated inside out by drinking as much water as you can stand. We get it—when it’s not scorching hot outside, it’s easy to forget to drink your recommended 8 cups a day. Plus, during the cold months, other drinks often sound more appealing than water (pumpkin spice lattes, anyone?). But it’s very important—drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated, will help your skin look healthy, and it’s important for your overall health.

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