In a Sunny Frame of Mind: Getting Summer-Ready with Salon Services

The heat is back, the sun is strong, and you’ve booked your trip and/or stay-cation. All that’s left to do is make sure your look matches your summer state of mind, and we have just the salon and spa services to help get you there.  

From hair, to skin, to nails, here’s how to dive into summer the right way. 


Face-Framing Highlights 

It only takes a few subtle, well-placed highlights to brighten up your whole look. Try going 2-3 shades lighter than your current shade — it will help your eyes pop, add life and dimension to your color, and leave people acknowledging that you look fabulous but unable to pinpoint exactly why.  Let them think you’ve just returned from a fabulous vacation. We know that the expert colorists in our salon will have you looking just rested, relaxed, and sun-kissed enough that it might be true.  

(Bonus: The Aveda Color we use in our salons is essentially damage-free, meaning you don’t have to worry about wrecking those delicate strands near your face!) 


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Brondes Have More Fun

Some people choose to go super light for the warmer months, and we’re all over a gorgeous sunny blonde, but if your hair is a little darker and you want something a tad less extreme, try going  “bronde.”  A gorgeous fusion between blonde and brunette, this is the perfect way to dip your toes in the blonde pool without diving in.  Your colorist uses lightener and a painting technique on larger pieces of your hair to create several shades of blonde that complement your existing hair color.  The end result is a color that walks the line between a warm brown and a golden, honey blonde. And since it’s all custom-painted using your natural hair color as a base, it grows out really naturally for the fall. 


Gel Polish Application

Going on vacation? Don’t want to have to worry about fixing your nail polish after a day of sandcastle-building?  Bump up your manicure with Shellac, a high-shine UV-cured gel polish that wears for 14 days without chipping and dulling. We love the pale, pearly purple of Lavender Lace or the spicy glittery coral of Sparks Fly, both from the Summer 2016 collection.  

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Pre-Gaming for Your Skin

Whether you’re trying to get yourself ready for a beach vacation, or need to psych yourself into fake-cation mode with a spray tan, a full-body pampering session like the Stress-Fix Body Treatment is the best way to get there.  This treatment starts with an aromatic full-body exfoliation (a must if you want a smooth spray tan that lasts), and moves into a warm, detoxifying seaweed masque. It’s like you’re already swimming in the ocean, only far more moisturizing…and fish don’t give you a scalp massage. 



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